Throughout the previous couple of decades, individuals have been educated to take calcium for bones. Drink drain, take calcium supplements for solid bones and teeth. However, amid a similar time, osteoporosis frequencies ascended at a disturbing rate like never before ever.

Truth be told, an ever increasing number of studies are demonstrating that calcium is the primary guilty party in the instances of generally irritation. Any maladies with names finishing with –itis are clarifying aggravation of body parts.

For instance, colitis is aggravation of the colon, sinusitis is irritation of the sinus, bronchitis is irritation of the bronchi, joint pain is aggravation of the joints (from the word arthrosis), and hepatitis is aggravation of the liver (from the word hepar). You get the thought, they are all the same “ailment”, that is aggravation.


A 12-year examine following around 78,000 medical caretakers found that the more cow’s drain they expended, the higher the rate of bone cracks were experienced. In nations where dairy and calcium utilization is least, bone crack rates are likewise the most reduced. (Ref: The China Study)

It is not simply an issue of taking calcium from sustenances and supplements for solid bones. There are different essential variables that influence whether your calcium admission is appropriately stored into the bones, or in the event that they are not consumed, may bring about calcium stores somewhere else.


98% of calcium is found in our bones, 1% in our teeth and 1% in different tissues. Calcium that is not saved in the bones may bring about:

  • Weak and delicate bones (osteoporosis)
  • Solidifying of the conduits (arteriosclerosis)
  • Calcification in the cerebrum (intracranial calcification)
  • Calcification in the liver and kidneys (liver and kidney stones)
  • Calcification in joints (joint inflammation and gout)
  • What’s more, numerous other therapeutic conditions


Calcium poisonous quality is a mind boggling issue and it not just an overdose of calcium, regardless of whether the sources are from nourishment or supplements. Different variables and the dietary state of an individual have an impact on whether the calcium will be ingested into the bones, or it will “run free” in the blood and cause calcification somewhere else.

These are a few things to consider:

Supplement cofactors—there are numerous different minerals for solid bone arrangement, for example, magnesium, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, silicon and phosphorus

Calcium requires vitamins A, C, D and K for ideal digestion system

High creature protein and dairy utilization may bring about an acidic blood that expands calcium misfortune

A high fat admission (of the wrong sorts of fats), and fake sustenance added substances from handled nourishments restrain calcium ingestion

Long haul pharmaceutical and stress drain the collection of different minerals that are important for calcium ingestion

Intemperate sugar and salt admission drain the collection of minerals that help calcium retention

Certain wellbeing conditions may likewise anticipate calcium ingestion prompting to bone misfortune

Drinking water that is sustained with “terrible” calcium that the body can’t absorb. Drinking water that contains fluoride likewise drains the group of minerals that counteract calcium assimilation.

Taking the wrong sort of calcium supplements

Things being what they are, is calcium truly all that terrible? Would it be advisable for you to toss out your calcium supplements? The snappy and short answer is NO. A fast and here and now arrangement is to incidentally quit eating overabundance calcium, and supplement with magnesium to decrease aggravation.