Woman Files For Divorce After One Week Of Marriage Because Her Husband’s Manhood Is Too Big

Aisha Dannupawa told a court §£X with her new spouse was “horrendous” A lady has petitioned for separation subsequent to asserting she couldn’t adapt to the extent of her better half’s colossal p£n!§.

Mother-of-three Aisha Dannupawa, from Nigeria’s Zamfara State, had been hitched to Ali Maizinari for only one-week when she approached a Sharia court for an abrogation. What’s more, she refered to his gigantic part as the sole reason.

The housewife is accounted for to have told the court how she got married with Ali taking after the breakdown of her first marriage. Yet, issues emerged after she moved into his folks’ home. As indicated by Nigeria’s Tribune daily paper, she told a hearing: “When he came, we had §£X however the experience was a bad dream.

“Rather than appreciating the §£X, it ended up being something else, on the grounds that his p£n!§ was too huge.”

After the hearing, Aisha told neighborhood media how after their first endeavor at §£X, she had taken pharmaceutical given to her by her mom to help with the torment. In any case, a moment frolic demonstrated similarly as traumatic.

Aisha told journalists §£X with Ali was basically “a lot to endure”. In court, Ali did not deny having an especially sizeable p£n!§, in spite of the fact that he told the hearing would just disintegrate the union in the event that he was repaid for his share.