One Оf Тhe Healthiest Fruits

Dates have fiber which is important for appropriate digestion.

Dates contain high natural sugar which is a great substitute for ordinary sugar. Despite being easily metabolized, they are also good for satisfying hunger.

Rich in Iron
Due to the iron that it contains, dates are highly productive in treating anemia. 100g dates involves around 0.90g iron, which accounts for about 11% of the suggested daily intake. Moreover, iron has vital role in transferring oxygen in the blood. In most cases, teenagers and pregnant women are the ones that need more iron.


Abundant in Eye Vitamins
Because of the fact that dates include lutein and zeaxanthin, they are sometimes referred to as ‘eye vitamins’. Lutein and zeaxanthin are known to be greatly productive for the eye retina and macula, since they improve the eyesight and prohibit any possible damage to the macula, which weakens with age. So, if you want to improve your eyesight, you better start eating more dates.


Treat Diarrhea
Furthermore, dates contain calcium, a mineral which is essential for diarrhea treatment. Dates can work wonders for the renewal of the gut flora. Regular date use stimulates the rapid increase of bacteria in the intestines.


Help Constipation
Just as well dates can help against diarrhea; they also encourage good digestion and removes toxins from the whole body. In case you suffer from constipation, you better leave a few dates in a glass of water overnight. During the night, dates will release the juice that is a great laxative and will make it easier for the function of the intestines. In addition to, dates can stimulate metabolism due to their high fiber content – 100g dates contain 8.5g fiber.


Facilitate Delivery
According to a research carried out at the Jordan University for Science and Technology, eating dates on regular basis starting 4 weeks before the due date can ease the pain and reduce the bleeding. The study found that women who consumed dates had much easier delivery rather than the women who did not eat this fruit. Moreover, dates will help women get over the postpartum depression more easily and produce enough milk for their baby.


Control Weight
Dates provide a feeling of fullness and actually stimulate weight loss as a result of the many nutrients they consist of. Consuming a date on an empty stomach will not only moderate the work of your intestines, but your blood sugar levels as well. However, have in mind that although dates don’t have cholesterol, they do have plenty of sugar, so excessive usage would lead to gaining weight instead (1kg dates includes 3,000 calories).


Strengthen the Heart
Dates have shown to be very productive for heart conditions therefore people with weak hearts are counseled to ingest dates on a regular basis. You can leave some dates in a glass of water overnight and in the morning blend the dates and the water together and drink this few times each day.


Reduce Hypertension
Even though dates consist of little sodium, they are quite rich in calcium. A serving of 5-6 dates contains nearly 80mg magnesium, which is a crucial mineral for blood vessel dilatation. According to the study, 370mg magnesium per day can effectively decrease blood pressure.


Stroke Prevention
Because of its high potassium content, this adorable fruit is useful for keeping a healthy nervous system. According to the tests, the risk of stroke can be minimized for up to 40% with sufficient potassium consumption (about 400mg a day).


Food for the Brain
What’s more, dates contain phosphorus, which is great for the brain work.


Energy Booster
For optimal energy increase, combine milk and dates as this will help you get the maximum amount of natural sugars this fruit consists (including glucose, sucrose and fructose).


Increase Libido
For increased sexual drive, soak a few dates in some goat milk and leave them overnight. The next morning, mix the fruit and milk, add some honey and cardamom (spice) and drink it. This combination is equally valuable for both men and women because it boost the body and the energy level.