Health Benefits of Bananas

One of the most widely consumed fruits nowadays is definitely the banana. They originate from Malaysia, although many people don’t know this fact.

The fruit is extremely nutritious, besides being very delicious.

There are about 300 banana species but only about 20 varieties are cultivated commercially. They all come in different sizes.

Their peel turns yellow when they are ripe and they can easily be peeled and eaten. The fruit is sweet, with a soft, smooth texture and a creamy yet firm pulp that is easy for digesting.

You probably didn’t know that there is also another interesting fact about bananas. The banana isn’t a tree, but a huge herb plant!


Bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral essential for the normal function of our both involuntary muscles (e.g. the heart and intestines) and voluntary muscles (e.g. the arms and hands).

This amazing fruit is also a great source of dietary fiber, and is low in cholesterol and saturated fat. It is one of the rarest fruits that contain an entire range of the vitamin B—thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), very little B5, folate (B6) and very little B12.

When it’s compared to an apple, the banana possesses 4 times more protein, twice more carbohydrates, three times more phosphorus, five times more iron and vitamin A, and twice all the other minerals and vitamins.

Other vitamins and minerals they include are: chromium, copper (to prevent graying hair), manganese, fluoride, zinc and selenium (to prevent pigmentation). In this article, we’re also going to present you some of the most amazing benefits bananas offer!



Bananas can help you relieve many short and long term conditions. When they’re consumed consistently over time, they can cut the risk of death by strokes by more than 40%!

Here are some of the conditions bananas can help you with:

Blood Pressure:According to recent studies: “2 bananas a day will keep blood pressure at bay”. They are certainly far cheaper than medicines!

Anemia:  They provide iron which is essential for the production of myoglobin, hemoglobin and many enzymes that are essential for the formation of red blood cells.

Brain Food:  According to a research, students who were eating banana for breakfast, break and lunch are much more alert in the class. The potassium inside the banana contains boosts for their brain power, assisting a lot in their learning ability.

Constipation:  The pectin content in the bananas is water-absorbent, and it creates the necessary bulk in easing constipation.


Energy:  The carbohydrates in the bananas can be used like fuel for the muscles. Consuming bananas is also a good energy booster for athletes.

Diarrhea:A ripe banana can help you normalize the colonic functions in the large intestine because it absorbs large amounts of water and helps you regulate the proper bowel movements.


Morning Sickness:If you try to snack on bananas frequently, they willhelp youkeep the blood sugar levels up and in that way prevent the nauseous feeling.

Stomach Ulcer:  Banana can be eaten by people with chronic ulcer without causing them distress. It also neutralizes the over-acidity of the gastric juices and helps to reduce the irritation of the ulcer by coating the stomach lining. Ripe bananas will help you promote the healing process and relieve acute symptoms.

Heartburn:Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body.Eat a banana if you suffer from heartburn to counteract the stomach acidity for a more soothing relief.

Mosquito bites:Try to rub the affected area stung by a mosquito with the inside of the banana skin. It will reduce the itchiness and swelling.

Quit Smoking:  The potassium-magnesium combination and the vitamins B6 and B12 present in bananas possess a profound effect in helping the body to recover from nicotine withdrawal when someone is trying to quit smoking.

Stress: The metabolic rate riseswhen we’re stressed. That causes the body potassium levels to be reduced. Consuming a banana will help you rebalance the vital mineral, and also normalize the heartbeat. This in turn sends oxygen to your brain and regulates the water balance in the body.

Muscle Cramps:Bananas should be a regular part of your diet if you are exercising a lot. A lack of potassium might cause muscular cramps and greater weakness to injury. They are very beneficial for energy boosting and also for preventing cramps and injuries.



The best advice for bananas is to eat them when they are just about ripe. This is when the carbohydrate content is less than when they get fully ripe. Unripen bananas might be difficult to digest. You can try to keep raw bananas at room temperature so that they can ripe naturally.

Include bananas in your smoothie to make a sweet, rich, creamy and yummy vitamin bomb.

As we said bananas are one of the fruits with the highest potassium content. Others include:spinach, celery, turnips, oranges, and avocados.